Scrabble is a crossword style board game manufactured by Hasbro and has been around since the Great Depression. Two to four players can play at one time. The person with the highest number of points at the end wins the game. these details

How to Play
Each player draws 7 letter tiles to place on his individual rack. Any remaining letter tiles are placed in a tile pool, to be used throughout the game. Players use letter tiles to create words to place on the board and accumulate points for each word. Each word has to connect with another word on the board like a crossword puzzle, except for the first word placed on the board. The first word has to cover the center square on the board, either horizontally or vertically. Any word may be used except for those words that are always capitalized or have a hyphen or apostrophe. Abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes are also not allowed.

At the end of the player’s turn, the player’s score is tallied up for all words formed and/or modified. Then the player draws more letter tiles from the tile pool so that he has 7 letter tiles on his rack. Another option is possible if the player is unable to form a word. The player may exchange his letter tiles with ones from the tile pool. The player located to the left goes next.

High Scoring Letter Tiles

Each letter tile contains a numerical point value located at the lower right corner. The more popular and commonly used letters such as S or E are usually worth 1 point. The more difficult and unusual letters such as Q or Z are usually worth more, the highest being 10 points. There are also two blank tiles which are “wild” tiles that can be used as any letter. If the player manages to use all 7 letters in a single turn, he achieves what is termed a “Bingo!” and an additional 50 points are given.

High Scoring Squares
Special, premium square locations on the board provide the opportunity to earn more points. A Double Letter Score (light blue) square doubles the points of the letter placed there. A Triple Letter Score (dark blue) square triples the points of the letter placed there. A Double Word Score (pink) square doubles the points of the whole word, while a Triple Word Score (Red) triples the points of the whole word.

End of Game
The game ends when the following items occur:
1. There are no more letters left in the tile pool
2. One player has placed all his letters on the board and has none left.
3. No other possible plays remain

The value of any unused letters in the player’s rack is deducted from the player’s score. If one player successfully used all of his letters, he receives additional points to his score for any of the remaining players’ unused letters.

Additional Help
A dictionary is a useful item to have on hand for any disputes that may arise between players as to the validity of a word created. Another tool available is a Scrabble word finder that helps figure out what words can be created with specific letters. This may assist a player in finding the highest possible scoring word using the letters in his rack.

Scrabble has expanded into many different formats. The most common is the traditional board game, but now there is an electronic version called Scrabble Flash, as well as a 3D version called Scrabble Upwords where you build up in height to create new words. Scrabble can even be found at various online game websites where you can compete against another player online to test your Scrabble skills.

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